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One day after kid gone to school, I am watching TV and Divya aunty is in kitchen. In the TV, while I am watching "Kotex" sanitary napkin advertisement my penis erected and I got mood. I went to the kitchen. Aunty is in green silk saree and white blouse. Her black bra is clearly visible through her blouse. My penis erected more than 90 degrees after seeing aunty like that.

She looks at me and smile. After that I dropped my night pant. I was lifted her saree up. Her buttocks are skinny and awesome in brown cotton panty. I pulled my foreskin back and the penis was wet with my pre cum. I rubbed my penis over her panty. My pre cum was spread all over her panty. I rubbed my penis 5 minutes to her panty.

After that I pull down her panty little bit below her buttocks. I touched her panty pussy area. It all wet with her urine and vaginal fluids. I slowly insert my penis into her panty from behind and lifted her saree in front with my right hand. I grab my penis with her panty from the front and started jerking my self while seeing her beautiful buttocks. After some time I leaked my semen all over her panty pussy area. And wiped my penis against her panty from back.

She pulled her panty up and smiles at me and said "You naughty". The cum was leaked from me for 5 minutes after that. I asked her bra to wrap around my dick until all the cum leaked out. She said take the one in the bathroom. I took her black satin bra from the bathroom and inserted my penis in to the cup. I wrapped it and knotted her bra straps around my dick. I wear my night pant over it. After some time, I confirmed all my semen was leaked out into her bra. I remove her bra from my penis. The bra cup was all wet with my leaked semen. Then I gave it to her. She simply saw my soaked semen on her bra cup and inserted two of her fingers into that cup. She inserted that into her vagina and started jerking with her semen soaked bra cup. After some time she also leaked her vaginal fluids on the same area. I grab her bra and sniffed it. OMG the smell was awesome and drives me sexy.

After bath we had our lunch. After lunch she called me to her room and gave her white panty. She said soak the pussy area of the panty with my cum. I wrapped her panty around my dick and started jerking back and forth. After some time I leaked my semen all over the pussy area of her panty. I wait until all my cum leaked on the panty. She grab her panty from my dick and started inserting leaked area into her pussy. She started rubbing inside her vagina with that. After some time she also leaked her fluids on the panty. She keep that panty into her vagina and we both slept for 2 hours like that. After that she wake me up and gone to pick up the kid from school.


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