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Brother In Law Masturbates in my Undies | What to Do?

Hi, my name is mounica. I am 27 years old unmarried professional worked in a software company in Hyderabad. My native place was Tadepalli, Guntur. My sister and her husband lives in Hyderabad. So, for the sake of job, I too stay with them in their apartment. They are also software engineers worked in the same company. 

Once my sister got a chance to go to USA for a project work for 3 months. My brother-in-law was very common with me for one month after my sister leaves to USA. After that one day he came to me. It's 6 PM around. He came early from office that day. I took leave on that day due to my periods. Suddenly he came near to me and ask my used panty. I am feeling nervous and shocked with his question and I asked him "why Bava". He said, he couldn't control himself by doing sex. So he wants to masturbate inside my used undies. First, I am feeling embarrassed. He told me to give it to him if I am willing to give.

I am thinking a while and said him yes. In the used …