Masturbation with my Aunt's Underwear and Caught | By Rahul Kumar

Hi my name is Rahul. I am 24 years old. One day I went to my aunt's house in Bangalore for vacation. Her name is Divya. She is 36 years old and have one kid. The kid gone to school every morning and returns at 4 pm. My uncle was an architect and going for camps on work several days. He came to Bangalore every weekend. 

That day morning when I sit in the hall and watching television, my aunt gone for bath. After she came out, I wanna going for bath. After I am entering into the bathroom I found her clothes on the hanger. Immediately I searched for her undies. Finally I found her yellow and red stripes panty and yellow bra.

I found the panty size is XL on the label. I smell that panty where it landed on my aunty's pussy. The smell is super sexy and my dick is already erected hard when I saw that panty. The bra was 38 D size and the cups are too deep to cover my penis. I lick here panty crotch area and it tastes sexy awesome. After that I wrap her panty around my dick and started jerking. My feeling was just I inserted my dick into her vagina. It is cotton panty and very soft on my dick. After some time I cummed on her panty pussy area. After that I finish my bath and started jerking in her bra cups. I leaked my semen all over her bra right cup and leave those soaked bra and panty as usual on the hanger.

After I came out, she entered into the bathroom to collect clothes for washing. At that time she called me. I went to her to the bathroom. She showed me the white semen on her bra cup and asked me "What is this?". I embarrassed a little bit and my face was turning red.  

I turned my head down and asks aunty to don't tell this to anybody. She smiles while seeing my embarrassed face and told to me that whenever I need one, ask her at that time. I also cool myself and told to aunty that's okay. 

On the other day after kid gone to school, she is in kitchen. I went to kitchen and asked her some panties and bras for masturbation. She asks me to come to her bedroom and open her wardrobe. In one partition she has all her panties and bras and nigh dresses. After that she told me that she will help me today for that. She asks me to remove my paijama and underwear. My penis is already erected more than 90 degrees. She simply touches my penis with her hand and asks me to select one of her panty.

Already my penis is so wet below the foreskin due to pre-cum. Then I selected here yellow cotton panty and started smell that pussy area on the panty. My penis releases more pre-cum while I smell that panty.

After that she grabs that panty from my hand and hold my penis with another hand. She started pull back my foreskin with her hand and it was all wet due to my pre-ejaculation. She wipes of my penis, under foreskin with the pussy area of that panty. That pussy area of that panty is all wet with my pre-cum. She massage my penis under foreskin with that panty. Now my penis dried up and started burning. I told her that. She brings the coconut oil and pour some, on all over my penis under foreskin. She put my penis head on the pussy area of the panty and pour some more coconut oil and started wanking my penis into her panty. 

The zeez sound due to coconut oil hears very sexy while she was jerking my foreskin with her panty. I grab her another panty in the middle and started to smell that. After some time I leaked all my semen on her yellow panty. She folded that panty and keep it in the wardrobe again. That was an awesome experience with my aunt. My penis was so red after she rubbed it in her panty. I went to bath and had lunch after that.

That night before bath I asked her some soft cotton panty to wear for that night. She went into her bedroom got a old pink satin panty and told me that "don't tear that panty". I smiles at her and gone to the bathroom. After bath I wore her soft panty under my paijama. It feels like, I keep my penis in her soft vagina. It was amazing. That feeling make me pre-cum into that panty. Before dinner I went into bathroom for pee. Then I saw that, that pussy area of that panty is all wet with my pre-cum. That night I cummed 4 times in that panty while masturbating. In the morning I saw that pussy area got dried stains of my semen leaked on that. After that I gave it to her.

On the third day after kid gone to school, she went for bath. After that I went into the bathroom and found the same yellow panty which she folded and keep it in the wardrobe yesterday. I though she was wearing that yesterday night. I saw my semen stains on that panty and I started smell that panty. It was mixed smell of her pussy and my dried semen. It's all wet on the pussy area. I thought she also masturbated with the same panty last night.

After came for bath when doing lunch I asked her "are you wear that yellow panty last night?". She said yes. She told me that, she would like to wear that panties with my semen and started rubbing her pussy over it whenever she got mood or after peeing. She pulls her saree up and shows me her pink panty which I used for masturbation 4 times last night. I asked her same pink panty for that day night also. She accepted to give it to me that night. 

Like this I enjoyed my vacation in my aunt's house for 4 days. Before leaving from Bangalore she gives me her 2 old panties and a big cup bra and told me to get those after I came next time.

Divya aunty stories to be continued..... Stay tuned to "Kamini Stories"

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