Rahul's Masturbation Story in Divya Aunty's Panties | Story 03

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Story 01: Caught Masturbating in Divya Aunty's Panty
Story 02: Fuck with Divya Aunty with Bra Wrapped Around Penis

That day, Divya aunty come to me after the kid went to school and express her sexual urge to me. She wants her all washed panties and bras filled and soaked with my sperm. After dried up she wants to wear them. I said okay. I never had my bath yet. My penis was dirty due to heavy masturbation attempts in her white thin bra last night. I told her I do it after bath. She said, "No, Do it with your dirty penis". She went into her bed room and bring 5 pairs of her favorite bra and panties. She told me that take time between each attempt. 

I remove my pant and pick one of her soft cotton panty. I peel away my foreskin and started wiping my penis with pussy area of her panty. My penis is all covered with thick white color substance under my foreskin due to heavy masturbation in her bra last night. I wiped off that white substance with her panty. I smelled that panty once after wiping off. It smells like super sexy with my sperm smell. I wiped off my sweat in between my buttocks with that panty and started jerking in that panty. I leaked a heavy load on the pussy area of her panty.

She just came out from bath and called me for lunch. She is super hot with her green tight jacket and yellow printed designer saree. I wore another panty of her and going for lunch with the panty on. While I am doing lunch after some time that panty is soaked with my post cum after last masturbation. She see at it sexily and started pressing my penis through her panty. The cum came out and the panty soaked heavily. She hold my penis through her panty and started jerking front and back. I again cummed in the second panty. 

Till the next day morning I cummed 14 times in her panties and bras. In the morning she collect some of her panties and bras with dried semen stains on them. And leave the remaining to masturbate. My penis was turning red below the foreskin due to heavy masturbation. He pour some oil on my penis and started massaging it. Then I go for bath.


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