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Indian Sex Stories | Touch Sex With Brother In Law

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Hi, my name is Mounica. I am completed my Engineering in Tirupati and prepared for doing MS in USA. My cousin and her hubby are living in Banagalore. My cousin's hubby was doing some software job and my cousin was at Tirupati in their parent's house for delivery. Last week I gone to Bangalore to attend my US university entrance test. I stayed at my cousin's house in Bangalore. My cousin's hubby received me and bring me to their house. He lives alone because my cousin went to her hometown due to her delivery since 10 months.

On the next day, I have to attend the exam so that I was preparing for that whole day. My cousin-in-law gone to his office at 9:30 AM. I prepared food at my one for lunch. At 7 PM in the evening my cousin-in-law came fr…