My super fuck with Divya Aunty | by Rahul Kumar

Continued from story 3. Read the previous stories for better understanding.

Story 01: Masturbation with my Aunt's Underwear and Caught
Story 02: Second Masturbation Story on Divya Aunty's Panties
Story 03: Aunty Wants my Cum all over Her Panties before Wearing

I am in Bangalore at my aunty's house for a vacation. She is aged about 38 years and looks sexy. She had one son of the age 6. Everyday he gone to school at 9 and returned 4:30 in the evening. My uncle was an architect and he gone to camps mostly due to his work. My aunt and me are moving very closely. One day she caught me masturbating on her panty and supports me a lot. From there we move very closely to each other.

That day after the kid gone to school. I woke up and finished my breakfast. In the afternoon she went for a bath and came with towel rolled around her. She told me to go for bath. After finishing my bath she gave me her bra and told me to don't wear anything. She is also in pink cotton panty and white soft bra. She is not wearing any saree or lehenga. My penis was erected beyond 90 degrees when I saw her in her bra and panty.

She asked me to come for lunch. I sit on one of the dining chair. She said "wrap the bra cup around my penis" like a condom. It's a pink soft thin cotton bra. I wrapped one of the cup around my penis like a clothed condom. She also come and trying to sit on me. She slowly slide her panty with one hand and with the other hand she opened her pussy lips. She slowly inserted my penis wrapped with her bra cup and started fucking me from top. It's an awesome experience. My penis is sliding in her vagina with that thin bra cup. The bra cup was soaked all wet with my pre cum and her vaginal fluids. She is moaning like she inserted bigger penis into her vagina. 

I wrapped my hands around her body and started pressing her boobs hard over her white bra. Those are super soft and driving me sexy while I pressing them. The bra around my dick was slipped into her vagina and making zeez sounds while she moves up and down. That sounds driving me super hot and I leaked my semen into her vagina. After that she is still sat on me with my penis inserted into her vagina for 4 minutes. She slowly moved up. And that bra which I wrapped around my penis was slipped on my stomach from her vagina. That is fully soaked wet with my semen and her vaginal fluids. 

After that she took it and lay on her bed for drying. I asked her to give me that bra to night. She smiles and said okay. She took that bra secretly and give that to me that night. I sniffed that bra and the smell driving me sexy again. I wrapped that pink cotton bra around my dick and masturbate in it 5 times that night. In the morning she removes my blanket and search for her bra. It's wrapped around my penis. She took it and smiled at me and asks me "Do you know how to wear bra as your underwear?" I said no. She told me to explain that in afternoon.

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