My Brother in law Masturbates in my Panties | Kamini Stories

Hi my name is Kamini. I am 25 years old unmarried and lives in Bangalore. One day my aunt and his son visits to our home from Hyderabad for a wedding in Bangalore. Our house is a two bed room house with attached bathrooms. 

My brother in law name is kartheek. He is so handsome and aged about 28. He completed his MBBS and doing practice in Hyderabad. That day night my brother in law slept on my bed. Me and my aunt slept on the floor beside my bed. I switched off the lights except the bed lamp and everyone gone to sleep.

In the middle of the night my brother in law woke up and gone to my bathroom. He came after half an hour and slept again. Then I entered into my bathroom to piss off. I found white color thick fluid on my black cotton panty's pussy area on the hanger. My pink used bra also soaked wet. I think that is his sperm. I can't control my self when I saw that thing on my undies. 

I sniffed my bra. Oh my god..! the smell turned me erotic. It's his semen smell. I licked that semen. It's tastes awesome. Immediately I pick my panty. There is still his semen in thick white color. May be at last he masturbated in my panty. I hold it with my hand and started insert that semen area into my vagina. OMG. It feels like I inserted his own dick into my pussy. I rubbed my vaginal walls with that panty and started jerking back and forth with the panty. After some time I leaked my vaginal fluids on the same area where he leaked his semen. The panty is all soaked with my vaginal fluids and his semen. I keep both my panty and bra on the hanger and gone to sleep. 

That night I never slept because of pregnancy fear. In the next morning I went to bathroom again and saw that panty. It all dried up with white stains on it. Hence it's a black panty the stains are clearly visible. I sniffed that panty again and the sexy smell turns me erotic again. I can't control my self and inserted that panty into my vagina using my fingers. I masturbate with it again and leaked my fluids on the panty. After that I washed the pussy area of my panty with water because I am afraid of my mom caught this while throw it in the washing machine. 

I went to college and asked one of my married friend that "Am I get pregnant of doing this?". She said If sperm enters into my ovum, I don't get periods next time. I am too much embarrassed and feared of pregnancy. After few days I got my periods. Ummm... Now I am happy and told to my friend. She said "never do that again". 

So girls be cautious if someone masturbate on your panty, If you wear it or done like me immediately you are getting chances of pregnancy. If you wear it after it dried up, you will never got pregnancy because sperm cells died up within half an hour of coming out from men's penis.


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