Rahul's Second Masturbation Story on Divya Aunty's Panties

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I kept those panties which my aunty given to me last time when I visited their house in my laptop bag's secret pocket. I daily used those panties for masturbation at night. Sometimes I wore them whole night. I felt like I inserted my penis into her vagina while I wore them. Those are super soft and sexy.

Again I got my holidays. This time also I want to go for my aunt's house in Bangalore. 4 days before I go to bangalore, I used one of those panties every night and let me cum 4 times daily. After 4 days the pussy area of that panty had all my dried semen stains in brown color. 

I went to my Divya aunty's house in Bangalore for another vacation in my holidays. I reached her house at 11AM. Her kid already gone to school. She asks me her old panties last time she gives me while I am leaving. I opened my laptop bag and give her those two panties and a bra. She examine her panties and started smell them on her pussy area. After seeing that white panty which I used 4 times every night before coming, and says at me "You naughty".

She kept that panty with her clothes on the bed. May those are for afternoon bath. And the remaining panty and bra she keep it in the laundry basket. After that she went into the bathroom for bath. 

After she came out, I went for bath. As usual I am looking for her panty for masturbation. I found her black cotton panty and started wanking my penis in the pussy area of her panty. I leaked all my semen on her black panty and wipe of my penis with her 38D bra. That bra was so soft. While I rubbing my penis in that bra cup I felt like, I fuck her vagina. The big cups gives me immense pleasure.

 After I came out, she went into the bathroom and pick her panty and bra and lay them on her bed below ceiling fan to dried up. We had our lunch and she asks me dirty questions. This time we move more freely and dirty chat with each other. She is super sexy in brown saree and brown blouse. In that chat I express my urge to her. I told her that, I want to put my penis in her bra cup and insert it into her vagina once. She smiles at me and yells at me that "Naughty boy". 

After that we go to her bedroom and she asks me to pick a bra of my choice. I picked one of her big cup white thin cotton bra. She removes her brown saree, lehenga and jacket. She looks super hot in stripes panty and brown cotton bra. She come near to me and hugged me tightly. I licked her boobs over brown cotton bra. After that I remove my clothes. Iam going to remove her panty now. 

I removed it half the way down and found that the pussy area of her panty is all wet. She was trying to remove her bra too. But I said no. I want to do with your bra on. She lay down on bed and I pressed her boobs over her bra hardly. She moans and hold my hands tightly. After that I put my hard erected penis into that white thin cotton bra and hold it firmly with my hand below to my penis. It looks like I am wearing a clothed condom.

With my another hand I slide her panty. OMG it's awesome. Her pussy is cleanly shaved and white in color. The pussy lips are opened outside and wet. Hence it was a clear afternoon I clearly saw her pussy in the sun light coming from the window.

I tried to insert my hard earned penis wrapped in thin white bra cup into her vagina. She moans little bit, like she takes a big penis into her vagina. After that I take out. The bra cup was all wet. I inserted my penis wrapped with thin white bra cup again into her vagina and started fuck her slowly. She moans and yells romantically that "I never had a sex like this in my life, You sexy idiot". I started fucking hard. It feels like heaven to me while I fuck her with my dick with soft bra cup. Every time I inserted deep I felt that soft bra cup rubbing her walls inside her vagina. I started fucking very hard and after some time I leaked my sperm into the bra cup wrapped around my penis. I put my penis 4 minutes like that way into her vagina after leaked. 

After that I remove my penis from her vagina. The bra cup was still inside her vagina. It soaked with my sperm and her vaginal fluids a lot. I slowly remove it from her vagina and lay it beside us on the bed and ask her to give it to me at night. She said okay. She told me that, she was never experience an awesome experience like this before. She asks me "Who said this bra fuck to you?". We both get into the bathroom and she wipes my penis with her brown panty by pulling my foreskin. It was felt like again I fuck her pussy while she wipes my penis with her panty. After that she wore the same panty and dressed up.

At that night after dinner I asked her white thin bra again. She gave it to me. On my bed I smelled that bra cup it smells sexy after dried up with my semen and her vaginal fluids too. I wrapped that bra cup around my penis and started jerking again in that. It's again getting wet with my semen. That night I used it four time for masturbation. In the morning she came to me and remove my comforter. At that time I wrapped her bra cup around my dick. She grabs her bra and touches the wetness in the cup and smiles at me sexily.

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