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My Penis Cleaning with Divya Aunty's Panties

Hi, My name is Rahul. Iam 24 year old. Hope you read all my previous real stories of mine with my Aunty Divya. My aunty was 36 years old, lives in Bangalore. My uncle was a busiest contractor and regularly gone to camps for weeks. Me and my Divya aunty already has better understanding about our sexual relationship. She helps me a lot to fulfill my sexual desires. 

Due to several holidays for the last festival season I gone to my uncle's house in Bangalore. As usual, my uncle was in long camp to Goa as there was a huge railway project going on. I reached their home by early morning. I rang the door bell at 5'O clock. My aunt opens the door. She is damn beautiful in her brown satin nighty. After getting inside, I immediately grab her boobs and pressed hard through her nighty. She kisses me on my lips and gone to her bed room. I also sleep on the couch in the living room. I woke up at 8:30 AM after the kid gone to school. I go into the bathroom and found her maroon cotton panty an…

Brother In Law Masturbates in my Undies | What to Do?

Hi, my name is mounica. I am 27 years old unmarried professional worked in a software company in Hyderabad. My native place was Tadepalli, Guntur. My sister and her husband lives in Hyderabad. So, for the sake of job, I too stay with them in their apartment. They are also software engineers worked in the same company. 

Once my sister got a chance to go to USA for a project work for 3 months. My brother-in-law was very common with me for one month after my sister leaves to USA. After that one day he came to me. It's 6 PM around. He came early from office that day. I took leave on that day due to my periods. Suddenly he came near to me and ask my used panty. I am feeling nervous and shocked with his question and I asked him "why Bava". He said, he couldn't control himself by doing sex. So he wants to masturbate inside my used undies. First, I am feeling embarrassed. He told me to give it to him if I am willing to give.

I am thinking a while and said him yes. In the used …

Masturbating in my Mother-In-Laws Period Panties | Super Hot Story

Hi friends, my name is Kartheek. I wanna tell you my real masturbation story which I had earlier. I am a married guy. In summer 2016 my wife and her mother came to my house in Bangalore after my wife's delivery. It was almost one year since I saw my wife. I am in the very urge to sleep with her after so long time. But my mother-in-law was sleeping with my wife that night. 

The next day when I came from my office, my wife was wearing sexy satin nighty. I can't control myself after seeing her like that. My mother-in-law was preparing food for us in the kitchen. I entered the bedroom and squeeze my wife's back. But her mother told her that we don't do intercourse until one month. I am very disappointed with that. That's have been since one year I fucked a girl last time. I can't resist myself. 

My wife asked me to do a favor of putting clothes in washing machine. That washing machine is in another bedroom's bathroom. No one has used that bedroom except me becaus…

Divya Aunty Teach me How to wear her 38 D Bra as my Underwear

Read my previous stories with Divya Aunty to understand our exotic relationship between us.
The next day I woke up after the kid gone to school. I have to go outside for sightseeing on that day. That is a usual rainy day. It's raining since last night continuously. I finished bath early and come out from the bathroom with a towel. I go out to the cloth line and checked my underwear whether those are dried up or not. But due to heavy rain, all my underwears are not dried up. They are all wet. I told my Divya aunty same thing. 
She asked me If I like to wear her used bra as my underwear, she wants to teach me the technique. She takes me into the bathroom and grabs her 38 D used bra from cloth hanger. She wants me to hold her bra ends with my both hands that the bra straps hang up towards the floor. After that she told me to insert my left leg into her left bra strap and pull the strap upwards so that the bra cup holds my penis part firmly into it. She wrapped the other end around my h…

Divya Aunty Ask my Underwear to Masturbate | Indian Bra Sex Stories

Hi, My name is Rahul. Thanks to those who read my previous sex stories with my Divya Aunty. Please read the previous stories to understand the exotic relationship between me and my Divya aunty.

For summer holidays I went to Bangalore to my Uncle's house. As usual, he is in his official tour to Jammu. From one week before I reached to Bangalore, My penis was very much eager to fuck Divya Aunty's pussy, bra, and panties. So I called her and share my XXX fantasies with her. She told me to stop masturbating before 4 days to reach her. I asked her why? She told me, "just do it and enjoy the magic". So, like she said I didn't masturbate until I reach there. It feels like it's so difficult for me. I reached to her house in the morning 7AM. She opened the door and welcome me. 

She is wearing brown color satin nighty at that time. She looks like super sexy for me. I grab her back whenever she closed the door. She throws my hand away from her and gave me a naughty smile.…

Some Nice Panty Fetish Videos to Masturbate Yourself

My Masturbation Story with Married Girl's Bra

Hi my name is Rakesh. I am a 27 year old married guy. My wife was gone to her home town for delivery. We lived in Bangalore. I am a female used underwear fetish. There is a flat beside our flat in next building. In that a new couple lived in it. May be they are North Indians i think. That lady is so beautiful and bubbly. My watchman told me they are both software engineers. 

Hence it was a summer she opened their kitchen door at all the nights. I observed her from my bedroom window. Usually she wears tight night pants along with T-Shirts. Since so many days, I observed that her husband was not at home. She only cooks herself and sat on dining chairs and watching TV alone. Outside of their kitchen there is a wash area. In that the servant hang her dried clothes everyday. Once I saw her bras and panties I can't resist my self. I masturbated while I am seeing them from my window.

One day I observed a friend of her also stays at there with her. I observed some new bras and panties which…