Divya Aunty Called me to her Bed Room after Bath

Story 01: Masturbation with my Aunt's Underwear and Caught
Story 02: Second Masturbation Story on Divya Aunty's Panties

Story 03: Aunty Wants my Cum all over Her Panties before Wearing
Story 04: My Super Fuck With Divya Aunty

One day after kid went to school Divya aunty gone for bath. I am watching television in the hall. After she came out, I want to go for bath. She told me "Don't masturbate with her panties inside bathroom". I said okay. When I entered into the bathroom. I found her soft black panty and yellow red stripes 38 D bra. I sniffed her panty's pussy area. The smell was awesome. I can't resist myself. My penis is erected 90 degrees and got my pre cum from my penis. But my aunty told me to do not masturbate inside bathroom. After I came out from my bath, she called me to her bed room. She is wearing her brown bra and brown cotton panty.

She wants me to masturbate and leak my semen in her brown panty. She loves the wetness of my semen leaked on her panty for the entire day. I told her "I can't masturbate with my bare hand", So I took her black used panty which is in the bathroom. I wrapped that panty around my dick and started masturbating. I stroked hardly and feeling very hot while saw her big boobs inside 38 D bra. I told her "I am going to leak it". She spread her panty in front my penis and I leaked in all over her soft panty. My cum slipped all over her panty till her vagina. She releases her panty elastic and started rubbing her pussy through the panty. Her panty is all soaked wet with my semen. After that she wore a saree.

We had lunch after that. I am reading some books in the hall. She gone to her bed room. After that I went to her bed room for chit chat. When I went there she is on the bed lifting her saree up and rubbing over panty. She saw me suddenly and told me that, my semen is going to dried up on her panty. So she wants me to cum again on the same panty. 

This time I told her, I fucked her vagina and leaked in her panty at the end. She said okay. I removed my clothes. She is still in saree already lifted. I move over her. She slide her panty and spread her legs. With one hand she spread her pussy lips and with another hand she hold my penis. She inserted my penis into her vagina. It feel like heaven to me. While I am moving back and forth my penis makes zeez sound due to her vaginal fluids. When I stroke her deep, my balls are hitting her buttocks and the sound drives me crazy. After fucking her 5 minutes I removed my penis from her vagina and leaked inside her panty. I stay like that for 3 minutes and I started to pee few drops in her panty for extra wetness. Her panty is all wet with my semen and vaginal fluids. She dressed up after sex. I too wear my clothes. 

After some time she told me, "The wetness of her panty is turned her erotic while walking". At night she went into bathroom for bathing. After she came out I went to the bathroom for bath. I saw her brown cotton panty which she wore in the day time. The scrotum area of the panty had thick stains of my semen and her vaginal fluids. 

After bath I wore that panty. While we had my dinner I told her "I am wearing her brown panty". The kid already slept early. While I am doing my dinner, she slipped my night pant and started wanking my penis throw her panty. My pre cum already released and the wetness came out through the panty. She licked the wetness on the panty. She started jerking my penis through her brown panty. After some time I leaked all my cum inside her panty. That night I masturbated 5 times in that panty.

In the morning she came near to my bed and removes my blanket. She searched for her panty over the bed. I told her it is wrapped around my dick. She insert her hand inside my night pant and grab her panty wrapped around my dick. She sniffed that panty and told me that the dirty smell drives her sexy.


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