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Divya Aunty Asks my Used Brief. Wanna know why?

Hi my name is Rahul. My aunt name is Divya. If you want to understand the relationship between us, please read our previous stories. I am mad about her panties. 

One day after kid gone to school I woke up and watching TV in the living room. Divya aunty is in black satin nighty. She came to me and asked my used Jockey brief. I asked her why? She told me that, she is going to bathroom for pee and she wanted to clean her vagina with my Jockey brief. I gave her my used Jockey brief from clothes basket. The crotch area was dried with my sperm. She took that and gone to bathroom. After she came out, I took my brief from her hand. I observed my crotch area is soaked wet with her urine and her vaginal fluids. I think she was masturbated with my Brief by inserting it in to her vagina. I smelled that Brief and it smells like sexy. My penis was erected above 90 degrees. I observed some wet stains on my night pant because of my pre cum.

She is in the kitchen. I entered in to the kitchen and lifted …