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Some Nice Panty Fetish Videos to Masturbate Yourself

My Masturbation Story with Married Girl's Bra

Hi my name is Rakesh. I am a 27 year old married guy. My wife was gone to her home town for delivery. We lived in Bangalore. I am a female used underwear fetish. There is a flat beside our flat in next building. In that a new couple lived in it. May be they are North Indians i think. That lady is so beautiful and bubbly. My watchman told me they are both software engineers. 

Hence it was a summer she opened their kitchen door at all the nights. I observed her from my bedroom window. Usually she wears tight night pants along with T-Shirts. Since so many days, I observed that her husband was not at home. She only cooks herself and sat on dining chairs and watching TV alone. Outside of their kitchen there is a wash area. In that the servant hang her dried clothes everyday. Once I saw her bras and panties I can't resist my self. I masturbated while I am seeing them from my window.

One day I observed a friend of her also stays at there with her. I observed some new bras and panties which…

My Neighbor Aunty Gives her Panty on my Wife's Request

Hi I am Vinay. I am a recently married guy. My wife was very supportive in satisfying my sexual desires. I am a bra, panty fetish. My wife also knows this. We use my wife's bra or panty in our sex every day. Mostly I used my wife's thin bra as a condom during sex. I wrap it one of her bra cup around my dick and inserted it into her vagina. It gives me more pleasure than doing sex normally. Widgets

Earn with Your Used Panties

My building's family ladies are all host a time pass meeting at the evening in any one's home. One day they have discussed birth control methods what their husbands follow. My wife told them, I am a bra and panty fetish and I was used her bra and panty as a condom. First, they are all laughed. During Dussehra holidays my wife goes to her hometown. Before going to her hometown, she told to the neighbor aunty to gave me curries every day because I am suffering from fever. 

Next day, after she went to her hometown neighbor aunty knock my door a…

I Went to Lady Doctor for my Penis Checkup

My name is Karteek. I am 29 years old and unmarried. I live in single bedroom flat in Chennai as single. Besides my flat, there is a family. My flat is behind their flat. To go to my flat I have to walked along their long corridor. The steps are beside their flat. 

There is a cloth dry line thread along the corridor for both of us. The aunty who lives beside my room was a middle aged housewife with 6 years daughter. I was a panty and bra fetish. I can't control my self after seeing any panty or bra privately. 

I am a software engineer and usually I came from office late nights. The light in the corridor is switched off after 10pm. The corridor is full of darkness after 10pm. Everyday I found some bras and panties dried on that cloth line. I know those belongs to neighbor aunty. 

One day, when I was gone through that dark corridor at 1 AM in the night, I found one black bra and maroon panty on the cloth line. My heart was beating fast after seen them. I simply grab them with my hand a…

My Brother-In-Law Afternoon Sex with my Elder Sister | Must Read

Hi my name is Ramya. I am studying fashion technology in NIFT, Hyderabad. My sister was married and my brother-in-law was a exports businessman in Pune, Maharashtra. On my summer vacation, they invited me to their town. My brother-in-law was very handsome and aged about 33.

I went to Pune to their house for my vacation in April 2017. My brother-in-law usually comes to home everyday for lunch and stays at home until 4 PM everyday. One day I was watching TV in living room after finishing our lunch. My sister wants me to sleep in another bedroom after lunch. But I am watching an interesting romantic picture in TV. Their bedroom door was very close to sofa in living room. They gone to their bedroom after lunch to sleep. I am still watching that movie hence it was more interesting. After some time I reduced the TV volume fully. Because, I don't want to disturb their sleep. 

After some time I hear some continues bed noises from their bedroom. My heart was beating fast than normal after he…