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Divya Aunty Supports my Panty Fetishism | Panties #Everywhere

Since the last time I caught to my aunty with her panties, my aunt supports me in every aspect of sex like which I desire. I am a extreme panty and bra fetish espicially my aunt's. I am 24 and she was 36. I love her XL size used panties very much. She understands my panty fetish desires and helps me with her panties anytime. She gives me any of her panties washed or used at anytime. My uncle was in his camp. And I am at my aunt's house in Bangalore for my summer vacation. Last time I came here for my vacation I get caught by my aunt with my cum leaked on her panty in the bathroom. Then onwards, she voluntarily gave me her panties, bras as well as sex.

One day after the kid gone to school. I am watching TV as usual. She was in the kitchen and busy in cooking lunch. I gone to her bed room and opened her shelf. I found one of her white panty.

I simply grab that panty and pull down my pant. I pulled back my penis foreskin back and wipe off my penis with the crotch area of her panty.…

Period Sex With Divya Aunty | Sensational Sex Story of Mine

One day after kid gone to school, Divya aunty gone to her bedroom after cooking. I also went into her bedroom with her. She opened her shelf and started selecting her clothes for bathing. That day Divya aunty took a grey panty and white cotton bra. I grab that panty and I found some bands on her crotch area of her panty. Then she took sanitary napkin from her drawer in the bottom of the shelf. She insert that sanitary pad inside those two belts and keep it on the bed. May she got her periods.

My penis was turning hard after I saw that panty with sanitary napkin. I simply drop my pants off and put my penis on the pad and started rubbing my penis inside that pant while seeing her face. She looks at me and says "naughty boy". Already I am masturbated 5 times in her used bra last night. That's why my penis was so dirty and it smells dirty. Some white substance formed under foreskin of my penis. I pulled my foreskin back and wipe that white substance to the pad in the panty. A…

My Dirty Penis Cleaning with Divya Aunty Panties

One day after kid gone to school, I am eagerly waiting for the time to fuck my Divya aunty. Just now I saw moods condom ad on the TV and my penis was fully erected after seeing hot model in bra. I entered into kitchen. Divya aunty was busy in cooking. She is looking super hot in gold jari black saree and black jacket.

I removed my paijama and lifted her saree upwards towards her hip. She wore black cotton panty. I pressed her soft buttocks through that black panty. She moans sexily. I pull my foreskin backwards and started rubbing my penis over her panty. My pre cum was stick to all over her panty. I can't control myself after seeing her buttocks in her sexy black panty. Immediately I pulled her panty down and she also helped me to remove it. I took her panty with my right hand and keep my penis on the pussy area of her panty. It's already wet with her vaginal fluids and urine. I felt her wetness with my penis. It's feeling sexy to wank my penis inside her panty. 

After that…