My Neighbor Aunty Gives her Panty on my Wife's Request

Hi I am Vinay. I am a recently married guy. My wife was very supportive in satisfying my sexual desires. I am a bra, panty fetish. My wife also knows this. We use my wife's bra or panty in our sex every day. Mostly I used my wife's thin bra as a condom during sex. I wrap it one of her bra cup around my dick and inserted it into her vagina. It gives me more pleasure than doing sex normally. 

Earn with Your Used Panties

My building's family ladies are all host a time pass meeting at the evening in any one's home. One day they have discussed birth control methods what their husbands follow. My wife told them, I am a bra and panty fetish and I was used her bra and panty as a condom. First, they are all laughed. During Dussehra holidays my wife goes to her hometown. Before going to her hometown, she told to the neighbor aunty to gave me curries every day because I am suffering from fever. 

Next day, after she went to her hometown neighbor aunty knock my door and give me some curries as well as she asks me "If you want any panties or bra of mine, please don't hesitate to ask". She also told me "Your wife told me you are a bra and panty fetish". I felt a little bit nervous after she asking me like that. My penis was rising above 90 degrees in my pajama. I don't wear any underwear at that time. She saws at my penis and throws me back and enters into my flat. After that, she asks me where is the bathroom. I told her it's in the bedroom. She went into the bathroom and came out after 5 minutes. 

After came out, she told me "I leave my underwear and bra in the bathroom and I will collect them in the evening". After that, I lock my door and entered into that bathroom. I found her wet velvet floral panty and biscuit color cotton bra on cloth hanger. 

Immediately, I can't resist myself after seeing them on the hanger. I grab her panty and wiped my dirty penis under my foreskin. I grabbed her bra and used that as my underwear. I masturbated 5 times inside her bra and the bra was dried with all of my leaked semen. The smell is also like my dirty penis. After that, my penis was all wet with post cum after masturbation. I wear her panty for 1 hour. Her panty was all wetted with my post cum. 

I rubbed my penis after urine with her bra every time I go to urine. That used bra was all wet with my semen and urine. At the evening she knocks my door and asks her undies. I gave her those and she looks the wetness on her panty and gives a smile at me.

It was an awesome experience wit my neighbor aunt and masturbation in her bra and panty.

Maybe she would tell this to my wife after she came from holidays.


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