My Masturbation Story with Married Girl's Bra

Hi my name is Rakesh. I am a 27 year old married guy. My wife was gone to her home town for delivery. We lived in Bangalore. I am a female used underwear fetish. There is a flat beside our flat in next building. In that a new couple lived in it. May be they are North Indians i think. That lady is so beautiful and bubbly. My watchman told me they are both software engineers. 

Hence it was a summer she opened their kitchen door at all the nights. I observed her from my bedroom window. Usually she wears tight night pants along with T-Shirts. Since so many days, I observed that her husband was not at home. She only cooks herself and sat on dining chairs and watching TV alone. Outside of their kitchen there is a wash area. In that the servant hang her dried clothes everyday. Once I saw her bras and panties I can't resist my self. I masturbated while I am seeing them from my window.

One day I observed a friend of her also stays at there with her. I observed some new bras and panties which are bigger than her hanged on cloth line. She is also so bubbly and skinny. So I think, I wanna talk with her anyway. I walked into my corridor and looking her straightly while she is in her kitchen. She came out to collect the clothes and saw me while staring at her. I gave a small smile at her. She never smiled at me. After that she entered into her living room and came to kitchen again. She was trying to observe me through her kitchen window whether I am here or not. Again I gave a smile to her. This time she also smiles at me. I asked her phone number by doing some hand signals. She bring a chopping board and started writing her phone number by writing one by one with chalk piece. I note down her phone number and immediately called her.

She lift my phone and said "Hi". I talked with her casually by asking her name, age, job and about her husband. She said he is in camp. Since then I called her everyday when she was at home. After a week, I flirted her with my funny and romantic conversations. In between conversations I told her about my fetishism towards used bras and panties. Then she also discuss her sexual desires with me. One day, she opened her kitchen door completely and asked me to see her through my bedroom window. I shocked when I saw her like that. She was standing in her living room with her bare maroon bra and panty. After I saw her like that, I can't resist my self and asked her used bra for masturbation. She came to her corridor with towel rolling around her and through her used bra to my corridor. I immediately grab that and keep it inside my jeans pocket.

After came inside, I also removed my clothes and opened that bedroom window. I started masturbating with her used bra while talking with her over phone and saw her in sexy undies. The bra was cotton bra and it was 38 D. Her boobs are really huge. After jerking some time I leaked all my sperm inside her bra cup. After that I dressed up and throw her bra into her wash area. She grab it and gone inside. She opened that and observed my semen inside her bra cup. She smiles at me naughty and massage her pussy with my semen in her bra.

Since then, she gave me her used bras, panties for masturbation everyday. I smelled all of her panties and bras and feeling very sexy of her smell. Sometimes she gave me her washed panties and asked me to masturbate inside them. I masturbate inside them and throw them into her wash area. She wear them immediately before going to office or outside. She says, it is feeling very sexy to her like fucking me while my semen's wetness moves in between her thighs while walking.

After some days her friend came again. She told me everything between us to her friend. Sometimes her friend also talk to me over phone. Sometimes they asked me to remove my clothes and masturbate by opening my window in front of them.

We three are planning to do sex in their flat tomorrow. I wrote my experience in next story. Please stay tuned to "Kamini Night Stories"


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