My Brother-In-Law Afternoon Sex with my Elder Sister | Must Read

Hi my name is Ramya. I am studying fashion technology in NIFT, Hyderabad. My sister was married and my brother-in-law was a exports businessman in Pune, Maharashtra. On my summer vacation, they invited me to their town. My brother-in-law was very handsome and aged about 33.

I went to Pune to their house for my vacation in April 2017. My brother-in-law usually comes to home everyday for lunch and stays at home until 4 PM everyday. One day I was watching TV in living room after finishing our lunch. My sister wants me to sleep in another bedroom after lunch. But I am watching an interesting romantic picture in TV. Their bedroom door was very close to sofa in living room. They gone to their bedroom after lunch to sleep. I am still watching that movie hence it was more interesting. After some time I reduced the TV volume fully. Because, I don't want to disturb their sleep. 

After some time I hear some continues bed noises from their bedroom. My heart was beating fast than normal after hearing that. I know they are fucking with each other. I was in complete mood and my vaginal fluids start to discharge inside my panty. I felt that wetness behind my thighs. I slowly put my ear near to that door. I hear some moaning noises of my elder sister. My brother-in-law was talking very vulgar with my sis during fuck. I was become too sexy after hearing that moaning sounds. 

Suddenly those bed shaking sounds are stopped. I went to sofa and increase the TV volume again. After some time, my sister came from bedroom for water. Her saree was some what crushed in the middle and her black bra came out of her jacket and clearly visible. Her hair was some what ruined and she was adjusting it with her hand. After some time my brother-in-law also came out with fully dressed up and sat in front of me on another sofa chair. After five minutes my sister came and told me that they are going for some personal shopping and stay at home until they came. 

After they went out, I locked the main door and entered into their bedroom. I searched their bed and found some wet marks in the middle of the bed. I started sniffing those wet stains on bed. Those are surely my brother-in-law's semen stains. That smell was driven me more sexy mood and I started licking those wet stains. After licking his sperm on the bed, I searched their used clothes basket for his underwear. Suddenly I found my sister's "Juliet" cotton panties all wet with my brother-in-laws fresh semen on the crotch area of it. 

I simply remove my skin tight and pull of my panty aside. After that, I inserted her panty's crotch area inside my pussy and started massaging with the semen on it. The zeez sound coming while I am rubbing that panty inside my vagina. It drives me more sexy and I leaked all my vaginal fluids inside my sister's panty.

After that I searched for his underwear. Finally I found his black "Jockey" underwear. I found some white stains on the crotch area of his underwear. May be those are his semen stains. I wiped off my vaginal fluids during masturbation with that underwear and keep it same in that basket.

It was an awesome experience like I fucked with my brother-in-law when I was inserting my sister's cum filled panties inside my pussy. Hope you guys are enjoyed a lot with my short and crisp story. Stay tuned to "Kamini Night Stories" for further sex stories of mine with my brother-in-law.



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