Brother In Law Masturbates in my Undies | What to Do?

Hi, my name is mounica. I am 27 years old unmarried professional worked in a software company in Hyderabad. My native place was Tadepalli, Guntur. My sister and her husband lives in Hyderabad. So, for the sake of job, I too stay with them in their apartment. They are also software engineers worked in the same company. 

Once my sister got a chance to go to USA for a project work for 3 months. My brother-in-law was very common with me for one month after my sister leaves to USA. After that one day he came to me. It's 6 PM around. He came early from office that day. I took leave on that day due to my periods. Suddenly he came near to me and ask my used panty. I am feeling nervous and shocked with his question and I asked him "why Bava". He said, he couldn't control himself by doing sex. So he wants to masturbate inside my used undies. First, I am feeling embarrassed. He told me to give it to him if I am willing to give.

I am thinking a while and said him yes. In the used clothes basket, I picked up my used period cotton panty and gave it to him. He then went to his bedroom. While doing dinner, I asked her "Bava, where is my panty?". She told me that he is wearing it right now and want to masturbate it all the night. I feeling sexy, after he talk like that. I can't sleep that night after listening his words.

Next day at 9'O clock he went to office. I took a leave that day also due to my heavy periods. After he leaves the house, I entered into my sister's bedroom and found my panty on the bed. It's very wet on the crotch area and so many stain marks on that. I think it's his semen. I am feeling very sexy after touching the wetness on my panty. I simply took it and insert it into my pussy. Then I started self fuck with that wet panty back and forth with my index finger. I am feeling amazed while I am doing it like someone fucked up hard with their big dick. It's  making zeez sound while I am doing like this. It feels more sexy to me. After some time I leaked all my sexy fluids and menstrual bed on that panty.

That day I masturbated 4 times by thinking my brother-in-laws penis and his semen inside my pussy. After he came from office, He asked my bra that day. I gave him my 36 D white cotton bra to him. He told me, he wants to wear it like a underwear to night. I asked him how. He came out for dinner and today he is with a towl. He told me that, he is wearing my bra. He relieves his towel and shows my how he wore it. I am getting sexy mood after watching his big penis inside one of my 36D bra cup. It's sexy. I found some wet spots near my nipple area. 

 After completing our dinner, we both slept. After some time, he opens my bedroom door. The lighting was so dim. I observed him while he enters into my bedroom and I still acts like I am sleeping. I slightly opened my eyes. He is staring at my boobs and started jerking his penis inside my bra. He pressed my right boob hardly with his one hand and jerking hard his penis with another hand. I am feeling sexy while he pressed my boobs. When climaxing he releases all his come on my face and throws of my bra over my bed and went out. I woke up and wipe off his semen on my face with that bra. I washed my face and observed that bra. 

It's very smelly like his semen and urine. I inserted that bra cup inside my pussy all the night. In the morning, he came to me and asked that bra again. He wants to wear that to office instead of his underwear. I pull it off from my pussy and gave it to him. He simple touch my wet bra cup and smiles sexily at me. 

From that day,we exchanged our underwear and bra daily and worn them at night as others. Some times he masturbated several times inside my used panty while I went to my hometown. After return I found my crotch area is with full of stains and very smelly with his dried semen. Sometimes she woke me up at midnight and asked my wet panty. I simply remove it in front of him and gave it to him.

From that day, whenever he wants he came to my bedroom and opened my closet and take his favorite underwear of mine to masturbate.Some time he worn my underwear for three days without washing it.


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