Divya Aunty Teach me How to wear her 38 D Bra as my Underwear

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The next day I woke up after the kid gone to school. I have to go outside for sightseeing on that day. That is a usual rainy day. It's raining since last night continuously. I finished bath early and come out from the bathroom with a towel. I go out to the cloth line and checked my underwear whether those are dried up or not. But due to heavy rain, all my underwears are not dried up. They are all wet. I told my Divya aunty same thing. 

She asked me If I like to wear her used bra as my underwear, she wants to teach me the technique. She takes me into the bathroom and grabs her 38 D used bra from cloth hanger. She wants me to hold her bra ends with my both hands that the bra straps hang up towards the floor. After that she told me to insert my left leg into her left bra strap and pull the strap upwards so that the bra cup holds my penis part firmly into it. She wrapped the other end around my hip and hook up the bra around my hip at the back side.

It feels like super sexy to me while I am pressing my penis bulb through her bra cup. It's a soft cotton bra. After that, I wore my jeans over it and dressed up. I went out for sightseeing and whenever I go to a bathroom, I masturbated inside her bra cup. It feels sexy While I found wet in her bra cup in between my legs after each masturbation. That day I masturbated 6 times inside her bra cup and at 3 O clock, I went to the house. After she closes the door, she asked me to remove my pant. she is in a white satin nighty and looks pretty sexy. I removed my pant and she touches my penis through her bra cup. She feels wet over her bra. She sat below on the floor and sniffing my worn bra. She inhales sexy smell from that dirty cum soaked bra and licks it hardly. 

After that, she pulls off my penis from the bra cup and sucking it deeply with her mouth. After sucking few minutes she stands up and lifted her nighty up. She dropped her panty below her knees and widen her legs. She pulls off my hard erected penis's foreskin with one hand and inserted it into her vagina while she spread her pussy lips with another hand.

I started fucking her in that standing position by pressing her boobs through her bra hardly. She kisses my lips hard and moans sexily. It was an awesome experience that I fuck her in that standing position while I wear her bra as my underwear. Her bra strap rubbing in between my buttocks while I fuck her like that. After 5 minutes I leaked all my sperm inside her pussy. After few minutes I pull off my penis slowly and kept it inside her bra cup again. The bra cup looks like a bulge with my hard erected penis. 

My leaked cum started to come out from her pussy. I simply rub my penis bulge over her pussy to absorb that leaked semen. The leaked semen was all soaked over my bra bulge. After that, she dressed up and went out to receive the kid from school.

Like this every day we enjoyed a lot with sex, naked, bra, panty, fuck, masturbation, wanking, sex positios, upskirt saree sex, and more. 

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