My Penis Cleaning with Divya Aunty's Panties

Hi, My name is Rahul. Iam 24 year old. Hope you read all my previous real stories of mine with my Aunty Divya. My aunty was 36 years old, lives in Bangalore. My uncle was a busiest contractor and regularly gone to camps for weeks. Me and my Divya aunty already has better understanding about our sexual relationship. She helps me a lot to fulfill my sexual desires. 

Due to several holidays for the last festival season I gone to my uncle's house in Bangalore. As usual, my uncle was in long camp to Goa as there was a huge railway project going on. I reached their home by early morning. I rang the door bell at 5'O clock. My aunt opens the door. She is damn beautiful in her brown satin nighty. After getting inside, I immediately grab her boobs and pressed hard through her nighty. She kisses me on my lips and gone to her bed room. I also sleep on the couch in the living room. I woke up at 8:30 AM after the kid gone to school. I go into the bathroom and found her maroon cotton panty and bra on the cloth hanger. I simply grab her maroon cotton panty and started jerking my penis inside her panty. I leaked all my semen inside her panty.

After came out, I felt little body pains and laziness. I again slept on the sofa in the living room. She came to me and asks me what happened. She touches my forehead and says my body is so heat and it looks like fever. She told me to sleep in the bedroom on their bed. So I slept on their bed. In the afternoon she woke up and calling for lunch. After taking lunch she gave me a paracetamol tablet. I told her, "I want to bath". But she told me "No" and said that she can clean my body with damp cloth. 

She want me to remove my clothes and lie on the bed. I remove all of my clothes and lie on the bed. My penis was fully erected. She looks at it and laughs. It was 28 hours since I did my last bath. In those 28 hours I masturbated 5 times. My penis was getting bad smell from heavy masturbation. She cleans all my body with a wet towel and want to clean my penis then. I told her it's getting bad smell and there is a white substance called smegma under my foreskin. I ask her to clean my penis with her panty. She lifts her skirt up and pull off her panty. It's a pink color satin panty. 

She pull off my penis foreskin back with one hand and wipe that dirty smegma with the crotch area of her pink satin panty. I am getting sexy mood while she cleans my dirty penis with her panty. I ask her to fuck. She simply wrap her panty over my penis and insert my penis inside her pussy by lying on me. I feel more sexy if she fucks me from top with her panty wrapped around my penis.

After short time, I leaked all my semen inside her pussy, but it all leaked into her panty which was wrapped around my penis. It was an awesome experience to fuck her in my fever.

Like this I fuck her several times during my holidays. Some of our favorite fucks.

I fuck her from back through her shear panties.

One after noon I leaked my semen on her beautiful panty.

I masturbated in her red period panty several times in that after noon on her last day of her periods.

I fucked her white dots panty several times that night in her bathroom.


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