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Hi, my name is Mounica. I am completed my Engineering in Tirupati and prepared for doing MS in USA. My cousin and her hubby are living in Banagalore. My cousin's hubby was doing some software job and my cousin was at Tirupati in their parent's house for delivery. Last week I gone to Bangalore to attend my US university entrance test. I stayed at my cousin's house in Bangalore. My cousin's hubby received me and bring me to their house. He lives alone because my cousin went to her hometown due to her delivery since 10 months.

On the next day, I have to attend the exam so that I was preparing for that whole day. My cousin-in-law gone to his office at 9:30 AM. I prepared food at my one for lunch. At 7 PM in the evening my cousin-in-law came from office. Then we chit chat with each other for some time. He ordered the food for dinner. After that he gone to his room for bath. After some time his mobile was ringing continuously which he lefts in the living room. So that I bring that mobile and gone for him. The door was slightly open and my cousin-in-law was on his bare underwear with his fully erected penis. He wore green color cut brief and his penis was shown clearly like a bump through her underwear. I felt erotic at that time and opens the door fully. He suddenly covered it with his towel and took that phone.

After that, my mind always thinking about that erotic scene. I lost my control totally. I lost my appetite. That day night I ate only small quantity of dinner. My heart was beating fast. After dinner my cousin-in-law asked me to sleep in their bedroom, if I am feeling afraid. I said I am sleeping in their bedroom only.

Few minutes after I slept on his bed, he enters into the bedroom and slept beside me. I can't sleep at that time because of his sexy penis bump. I slept on my right side and he was right behind me. After some time he pulls up my nighty slowly. I found something hard rubbed against my cotton panty. May be he rubbed his erected penis over my panty. I acted like I won't woke up. He then inserted his large penis inside my panty from my back and started wanking his penis with his hand through my panty. After some time he atarted jerking inside my panty near the buttocks area.

After jerking for 10 minutes, I found something wet in between my buttocks and I felt so erotic at that time. My heart was beating very fast. Immediately, I woke up and went to bath room. At that time, he doesn't wear any bottom and I found he cleans off his semen with my used panty. May be he collect it from laundry basket. After entering in to bathroom, I removed my panty and found some white fluid on that at the back. I am getting mood after touching his semen over my panty. I smelled it and it's awesome. I licked it with my tongue and it tastes awesome. After cleaning that panty and in between my buttocks I gone to bed again. At that time he covered my used panty around his dick and rubbing it through my panty. 

On that night, He did this for 5 times. After I woke up in the morning, I went to bathroom and found my Juliet panty getting dirty stains on the backside and it smells like his semen. I wore the same panty after bath. He asked my how was my night. I told him it was awesome. I told him, I wore the same panty after my bath. He shows me, he is also worn my used panty which he cleans off everything yesterday night. I sit on the floor with my knees and smells his penis through my panty. It's smells amazing with his semen, and I can't control my self, I immediately removed his dick from my panty and started sucking it with my mouth. It's my first time tasting a tastiest dick with semen smell. At the time of ejaculation she removes his penis from my mouth and throw it inside my panty. He releases all his semen inside my panty. I asked him to give that panty to me and I offer to give my panty to him. We both interchange our panties and I felt so sexy when my skin felt wetness of his semen in between my thighs. It's an awesome experience.

At that night we both are fucking hard each other in several ways without slept. My favourite one was, he inserted his his penis inside one of the leg of my ultra thin stocking and started fucking my pussy through that stocking. It felt like some thing bigger or unusual penis fucks me hard and I moaned hard at that time. After that that stocking was getting wet with his semen and vaginal fluids. 


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