Divya Aunty Asks my Used Brief. Wanna know why?

Hi my name is Rahul. My aunt name is Divya. If you want to understand the relationship between us, please read our previous stories. I am mad about her panties. 

One day after kid gone to school I woke up and watching TV in the living room. Divya aunty is in black satin nighty. She came to me and asked my used Jockey brief. I asked her why? She told me that, she is going to bathroom for pee and she wanted to clean her vagina with my Jockey brief. I gave her my used Jockey brief from clothes basket. The crotch area was dried with my sperm. She took that and gone to bathroom. After she came out, I took my brief from her hand. I observed my crotch area is soaked wet with her urine and her vaginal fluids. I think she was masturbated with my Brief by inserting it in to her vagina. I smelled that Brief and it smells like sexy. My penis was erected above 90 degrees. I observed some wet stains on my night pant because of my pre cum.

She is in the kitchen. I entered in to the kitchen and lifted her black satin nighty from back. The cloth was so sexy and smooth. She worn dark brown cotton panty. I rubbed my penis over that panty. All my pre cum was stick to her dark brown panty and wet spots are clearly visible. I took my Jockey brief and inserted in to her vagina by sliding her panty aside. I started rubbing her pussy with my Jockey brief. She started moaning when I was doing it. After some time she releases all of her vaginal fluids over my Jockey brief. She said, my brief gives her intense pleasure while doing like that. She asks my used briefs every time she went to bathroom. She wants to rub her pussy with my used Briefs after peeing or masturbating. That's why she ask me to gave her my used Briefs with my dried cum stains on it.

From that day onwards before going to bath, I must masturbate and leaked my cum on the crotch area of my used Brief. She took that brief with her whenever she was going to bathroom for peeing.

One day, she asks my old torn Briefs if any. I asks her why? She said, she is in her menses. So she want to wear my folded brief as a menstrual pad in her panty. I told her, I will give  her my worn Brief. She said yes. I simply remove my paijama and also removes my Tantex Hugger fine trunk. I gave her my trunk and she folded that like a nappy pad and put it inside her period panty. 

I told her, I want to watch that whenever she is going to change it. Before the kid coming from school, she said she is going to change her panty and new pad. I also entered in to bathroom with her. She simply pull down her green skin tight pant and pull down her pink period panty. My trunk was like a nappy pad in her panty. It all soaked with her menstrual blood. She told me that, she was giving it to me after she washed it. I told her, I want it now. She gave it to me. After that she changes her new panty and kotex sanitary napkin. After she went to pick up the kid, I started playing with that bloody trunk. I wrap it around my dick and started jerking my penis in side that. It all wetted with her menstrul blood and it feels like, I was fucking her in her periods. 

While I am jerking my penis inside that, the wet zeez sound of that was too sexy. After some time I leaked all my semen over that trunk and leave it on the bathroom floor. I clean up my penis with her used satin nighty on cloth hanger and came out. After kid came from school, she entered into bathroom and washed my blood soaked trunk. She came out with my washed trunk and hang it on outside to dry.

I was fucked her several times in her periods. Several people told me that sex during menses was not good. But I studied in books that there is nothing wrong with the period sex.


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