My Dirty Penis Cleaning with Divya Aunty Panties

One day after kid gone to school, I am eagerly waiting for the time to fuck my Divya aunty. Just now I saw moods condom ad on the TV and my penis was fully erected after seeing hot model in bra. I entered into kitchen. Divya aunty was busy in cooking. She is looking super hot in gold jari black saree and black jacket.

I removed my paijama and lifted her saree upwards towards her hip. She wore black cotton panty. I pressed her soft buttocks through that black panty. She moans sexily. I pull my foreskin backwards and started rubbing my penis over her panty. My pre cum was stick to all over her panty. I can't control myself after seeing her buttocks in her sexy black panty. Immediately I pulled her panty down and she also helped me to remove it. I took her panty with my right hand and keep my penis on the pussy area of her panty. It's already wet with her vaginal fluids and urine. I felt her wetness with my penis. It's feeling sexy to wank my penis inside her panty. 

After that with my right hand I started jerking in her panty and with my left hand I pressed her big 38D breast. After some time I leaked all my cum inside her panty.

After that I gave it to her. She spread my semen all over her panty and wore it again. She started to rub her panty over clitoris for about 3 minutes and leave her saree downwards. 

Before bath she was taking her clothes from the shelf. I asked her to fuck. She removes her saree and lehenga and lay down on bed. I slide her panty and insert my penis into her vagina. I stay like that for 2 minutes after that I remove my penis from her pussy. My penis is all wet with her vaginal fluids. I wiped my penis with her panty on the bed which she took to wear after bath. Again I pull my foreskin back and inserted my penis into her vagina. This time I felt more sexy with my foreskin pulled back. This time also I stay like this for about 2 minutes. Meanwhile, she started tighten her pussy and loosen again and again. This drives me crazy without jerking her. I remove my penis ones again and wiped all the vaginal fluids on my penis with her washed panty.

After that I started fucked her hardly by inserting my penis deep into her vagina. She moans everytime I throw my penis hard into her vagina. My penis was feeling sexy while it was friction through her vagina walls. I fucked her 10 minutes and leaked all my cum inside her vagina. 

After that she went to bathroom. My penis was all dirty and smells very dirty by masturbating 6 times since last night. I grab one of her white cotton bra from her shelf. I pulled back my foreskin and started cleaning my dirty penis with her washed fresh white bra. After that I sniffed that bra cup, It's smells dirty like my dirty penis. I am feeling sexy again while I wipe my penis with that soft cotton bra. I started masturbating again inside the bra cup and leaked all my cum inside her bra cup. I fold that bra as it is and keep it in the shelf again.


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